Oliver mount, SCARBOROUGH

Overlooking the southern part of Scarborough is Oliver’s Mount, a large wooded hill rising to 500 feet above sea level and from which you can obtain a breathtaking view of Scarborough. It has an impressive War Memorial, the column rising to 75½ feet high. The project flight time was around 30 min, the processing time took several hours to generated the point cloud.

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Midgeham cliffe edge quarry

Midgeham Clifee Edge Quarry, near Harden is 17 acre site which is currently undergoing restoration. Flight time undertaken to survey the site was approx 40 min and processing time 3-4 hr to generate a high quality point cloud. This was used to create a digital terrain model.

Point Cloud used to calculate spoil heap volumes with high accuracy. Using software its possible to compare scans to determine extraction volumes and disturbed ground.

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Aerial surveys – Inspection

Reach places to carry out inspections in high detail. As well as capturing fine detail, images,can be enhanced further using editing software. Video quality is 4k HD and the camera is calibrated 12 mega pixel fixed camera.

Roof Surveys

Reduce risk of accessing difficult, dangerous and brittle roofs by surveying using drone. We can provide a high resolution orthomosaic image of your roof which is basically lots of images stitched together to create one very large image. The detail is stunning, its possible to zoom in to every possible detail.

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