There is often almost an air of secrecy with regards fees for carrying out this type of work which can be frustrating. We chose to be open and transparent with regards fees for our work wherever we can.

Aerial photography can be as little as £80

If you are and estate agent for example and can group a number of houses together then this would help reduce costs.

Survey work and 3d mapping starts from as little as £150

Fees include all insurance costs, travelling, processing and permissions.

There is quite a lot of desktop research which needs to be undertaken before flights can be made and this needs to be taken into consideration when estimating fees for work. The scale and complexity of projects including travelling time will also factor in.

want a quote?

If you would like a quote for work you can simply fill out the message form on the home page and we will endeavour to respond asap but please try include the following information as a minimum.

  • Type of work you interesting in.
  • Location of the site. This can be a postcode and first line of address or even os grid reference, northing/easting.
  • Idea of the size of the site.
  • You can add any other specific information you feel is relevant or leave your details and we will call you.

How do i get my files?

FIles are made available online via secure web link usually once payment has been received in the agreed format. Files are made available for upto 30 days so they can be downloaded at leisure by various teams etc.

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