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  1. Professional 3D mapping using photogrammetry, Outputs in all formats including Las, Laz, XYZ RGB text and many more. See info page.
    Digital Elevation Models
    Virtual Reality VR models
    Contour plans, poly lines
    Fully georeferenced models with high accuracy, we use ground points to increase accuracy of our generated point clouds
    Import into Sketchup, Autocad, Civil 3d, Revit, 3ds Max, Lumion and many more professional applications.
    Volume calculations of spoil heaps and excavations.
    Roof surveys
    As built drawings
    High resolution Orthomosaic site images which are the best way to create accurate cad plans and surveys. Many times better than Google Earth
    We can also provide CAD and drafting services, call or message us with your requirements
    Applications, construction progress monitoring, Archaeology, Conservation & Heritage, Historic Building Surveys, Civil Engineering, flood alleviation etc
    Estate Agency Photography and film, commercial and residential property
    360 degree spherical panoramas which can be used for your website or promote your business or project


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