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Aire Drone Mapping Services are based in the Aire Valley near Keighley, West Yorkshire. We will travel nationwide to offer drone mapping services throughout the UK.

We are a small team and have been flying drones for a number of years after realising the full potential flying drones as hobbyist’s can now offer professional drone services. We can offer the following types of work.

  • Professional 3D mapping using photogrammetry, Outputs in all formats including Las, Laz, XYZ RGB text and many more. Please see info page.
  • Use point cloud information of built environment to support BIM
  • Digital Elevation Models
  • Supports integration to Virtual Reality VR models
  • Contour plans, poly lines
  • Fully geo-referenced models with high accuracy. We use ground points to increase accuracy of our generated point clouds
  • Can convert models to import into Sketchup, Autocad, Civil 3d, Revit, 3ds Max, Lumion etc.
  • Volume calculations of spoil heaps and excavations.
  • Roof surveys
  • As built drawings
  • High resolution Orthomosaic site images which are the best way to create accurate cad plans and surveys. Many times better than Google Earth
  • We can also provide CAD and drafting services, call or message us with your requirements
  • Applications, construction progress monitoring, Archaeology, Conservation & Heritage, Historic Building Surveys, Civil Engineering, flood alleviation etc
  • Estate Agency Photography and film, commercial and residential property
  • 360 degree spherical panoramas which can be used for your website or promote your business or project

If you think you know what you want but not quite sure just get in touch and we will try to help. Just fill out the form below or give us a call!

Great image of point cloud using photogrammetry.

Harden Moor Case Study

In the summer of 2018 fire broke out on and devastated heathland know locally as Catstones Moor. The fire covered an area of approximately 16 acres until is was fully under control.

The total flight time for this project was around 40 min in total, and around 300 high resolution images were taken at an average height of 50 meters to generate a high quality point cloud.

Catstones Moor
Image shows how models can be used to create contours.

Digital Elevation Models

Contours shown are set at 1 meter intervals above ordnance datum. The contours are easily exported to CAD or can be generated inside other programs like Civil 3d from point cloud. Contours can be set at any interval required.

Models used to create height colour mapping

Height Colour Mapping

Height mapping is ideal for determining low points and picking out detail which is an invaluable tool for flood alleviation schemes.

For other examples of work please visit the projects page!

We are fully Qualified Operators Operating Under Licence of the Civil Aviation Authority with permission to fly commercial operations. We do have limitations however which do restrict operations to within 500 meters horizontally and 120 meters vertically. Further restrictions may apply surrounding airports. We do not fly in adverse weather; strong winds rain or snow for safety purposes.

Fully insured up to 10 million, Flock policies are underwritten by Allianz, the world’s leading aviation insurer. So you’re in safe hands.

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